Build your agile process around the true behaviour, attitudes and needs of customers. Access quick-fire online surveys, individual customer interviews and agile coach support.

Can you truly identify the Customer Problem? Or are you making assumptions?

How much time and money do you waste on incorrect assumptions?

Agile requires customers and their needs to be at the heart of everything, from defining the mission to iterative design. The reality is that most insight departments and agencies aren’t set up for agile. We are....

We can support a squad on a specific sprint, or we can be  your in-house Insights Chapter.


We’ve delivered almost 100 Lean Agile innovation projects with real customer insight and testing. 

And we’re nimble...talking days, not months.

It’s not just questions and answers - we do insight through the lens of our proposition development expertise, so we get what you're trying to achieve.


Helping you deliver real customer value through agile