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For many SMEs it’s easy to get stuck in the day to day routine of running the business. You know your industry better than anyone else, so why would you want to do it any other way?


Arbnco are a building energy simulation company developing disruptive proprietary technology solutions that can change the built environment. When we first met Simon and Maureen they were CO2 Estates and looking to develop the business onto the next stage.

“When we first met you guys, my initial feeling was ‘How are they going to help us?’. I was your biggest sceptic, but within the first 5 minutes of working with you I knew we had made the right decision.” Simon West, Director & Co-founder at Arbnco

“We’re glad you weren’t experts on our sector. Industry experts often come with a pre-set mindset. You came in and through your process, asked us simple questions that made us stop and think. We needed your honesty and to be challenged in a safe environment.”

Want to achieve global scale? Stop what you're doing and try new ways of working.


Initially, we took the team through our own step-by-step innovation process, PB. As part of that we reached out to energy efficiency industry experts within the commercial real estate sector. As an independent 3rd party, Prop B validated the team’s assumptions about the needs and challenges of clients in this sector, through a series of in-depth interviews, as well as getting feedback on several new proposition concepts.

“We found it extremely valuable to stop what we were doing, and the customer insight added to this. It put us in the shoes of the client. It also helped us to get more engaged with our existing clients such as CBRE.”

“Using a 3rd party made us look more credible. It showed that we’d taken the time and money to invest in truly getting it right for customers. It also opened up new revenue opportunities.”

So, what’s been the result?

CO2 Estates used the initial proposition output to work with creative agency MadeBrave, who helped them to rebrand to arbnco.

The team also used our innovation process to explore new propositions, and as a result have launched 4 new strands of the business, including arbnWell, that can help arbnco achieve global scale.

“Working with Prop B the whole team has been involved in re-shaping the business into what it is now. The customer insight has also helped to make the user experience of our consultant platform better, and clients are starting to use it more as a direct result.”

“Even more importantly, your innovation process has helped arbnco to not just be about MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard for Commercial Real Estate). We’re now growing our business in areas such as Wellbeing and Consultancy.”