CEOs – how can we unblock innovation within SMEs?


Staying ahead of the competition.

Driving growth.

Keeping the business fresh and the team motivated.


The benefits can be huge, so why is innovation such a problem for many SMEs?

Well, this isn’t exactly breaking news, but fear of failure can be a big problem for the businesses that need to innovate the most. So say Forbes, Harvard and many other studies.

Kind of contradicts all things “Agile” doesn’t it…“fail fast, fail cheaply” and all that? But when it comes to the crunch, the key motivational factor for many CEOs is what happens if it bombs? What if it doesn’t sell, if it costs too much to develop, or takes too long?


Will it cost me my job, my bonus, my reputation, my career prospects?

And will it damage the day-to-day core business into the bargain?


The question is, what can you do about it? It’s all very well asking a CEO to embrace failure to unleash true innovation…aye right. Meanwhile in the real world….?

What you seek is control, to feel confident that you can de-risk the project and increase the chances of success.


So how will you find that confidence, to unblock innovation within your business and embrace change whole-heartedly?

“No-one ever got fired for hiring McKinsey”…which is awesome if you have the budget.

But what if you don’t?