Are you sure that customers are going to buy your new product?

We’re helping Food & Drink SMEs take a different approach to insight and innovation – getting true customer insight, not just market data.

The classic approach to developing and launching a new product is based on gut-feel and “expertise”, perhaps with some customer feedback 3 months post-launch to help protect your shelf space.

The risks to this approach are obvious – you might launch something that customers don’t need and won’t buy. Which costs you money and time, and makes you look bad to retailers.

Our message is to bring customer insight in at the start of the process, before you invest any time or money on development. Get it right before you start!

Two recent clients provide examples of contrasting outcomes…

1. "Customer feedback stopped us in our tracks".

Our client is a successful F&D brand, with an innovative range of products launched a few years ago. They asked us to help them stress-test their new idea, which they hope will take them to the next level commercially.

Initially, working though our methodology helped them fine-tune their ideas about their target market, their customers’ needs and how the product could be positioned.


However, when we tested their proposition concepts with real customers, the feedback stopped our client in their tracks. There was a single barrier to sales that they hadn’t considered. Without this feedback, the launch could have been a disaster, and even potentially damaging to the brand.

2. “We’re moving ahead with confidence…and we’re all on the same page”

Our client is an established F&D group, with several successful brands including a recent innovative product that is flying off the shelves and leading their sector.

Riding the crest of this wave, they are looking to enter and hopefully lead a related sector. While they might have been expected to rely on their experience and charge on, instead they tried a different approach, working with Prop B.

We helped them develop their new product as an early stage proposition, identifying the target market and what would make them stand out to these customers. We then tested several concepts with 1,200 consumers, via an online survey.


The results gave the client real insight into the attitudes and behaviours of their target market that they wouldn’t have got from market data research.

Their new concepts got the thumbs up – allowing the client to drive forward with confidence that their assumptions have been validated. 

As an added bonus, the insight also brought the team onto the same page with the project, giving the more cautious Directors the confidence they needed to back the others.