Over the past 3 years we’ve led over 70 innovation sprints with customer insight at the heart of the process

We also bring 15 years of insight and innovation experience, working with Kantar Worldpanel, TNS, GfK and Market Gravity (Deloitte).

We know that customer insight and concept testing is a crucial part of the Innovation Process.

However, we’ve also discovered an insight gap….

  • Innovation companies don’t do insight

  • Insight companies don’t know much about innovation

So, we’ve created UK Innovation Survey - a new venture to disrupt the insight sector.



We explore the real needs driving customer behaviour, by talking to real customer. Thousands of them.

Why do we do this?

  • To help innovative companies improve their NPD process, by identifying and understanding the needs of their target audience

  • To give companies the confidence that they’re offering a true Value Proposition — in other words, why choose you?

This isn’t sales data, that only tells us what shoppers do - we find out why they do it

Build your agile process around the true behaviour, attitudes and needs of customers. Access quick-fire online surveys, individual customer interviews and agile coach support.

Square pegs and round holes

To be competitive in the digital age, more businesses are turning to agile at scale, to respond better and faster to changing customer requirements. Large-scale agile transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s about a new way of thinking - it's more collaborative, more open, more creative, and much more efficient than other business models.

However, a big stumbling block can be trying to fit existing capabilities (square peg) into agile processes (round hole). Insight is a great example.

Can you truly identify the Customer Problem? Or are you making assumptions?

How much time and money do you waste on incorrect assumptions?

Agile requires customers and their needs to be at the heart of everything, from defining the mission to iterative design. The reality is that most insight departments and agencies aren’t set up for agile. We are....

We can support a squad on a specific sprint, or we can be  your in-house Insights Chapter.


We’ve delivered over 70 Lean Agile innovation projects with real customer insight and testing. 

And we’re nimble...talking days, not months.

It’s not just questions and answers - we do insight through the lens of our proposition development expertise, so we get what you're trying to achieve.


Helping you deliver real customer value through agile

Put customers at the heart of your agile process

The temptation is to start an agile sprint with desk research and existing data.

But do you really understand the needs of your customers? Or are you making educated assumptions? 

We can help you define your mission with true customer insight, not guesswork.


Discover the true behaviour and attitudes of consumers, before you develop and launch new products. Access large scale online surveys, in-depth customer interviews and NPD support.

Retailers and manufacturers wasted £2.7bn over the last year 


According to manufacturing consultancy Newton, food manufacturers and retailers in the UK grocery industry waste £2.7 billion annually on product innovations that consumers do not want.

If companies focused on products consumers want rather than basing innovations on ‘gut feelings’, the industry could generate up to £233 million in profit from new products and offset the £2.7 billion wastage (Source: Foodbev.com, January 2018)

This coincides with the fact that according to Nielsen, 75% of new FMCG product launches fail in the first year. 


Putting the pop into and brand new type fo healthy snack

Don't leave it too late

Most Food & Drink SMEs use insight post-launch, to justify staying on-shelf. For many, this is too late.

They have developed and launched a product that doesn't truly meet the needs of their target audience......who therefore don't buy it. By this stage, it's probably too late to take their customer's needs into consideration.

Few Food & Drink SMEs do their insight at the start or during the actual innovation process. 


“If we hadn’t used Prop B, we’d have ploughed on ourselves without involving consumers enough.

We now have a clear understanding of who our consumers are, what’s important to them and where we can offer them something different.”

Andrew Richardson, Director, VC2 Brands