PB - our agile end-to-end innovation process, built around the challenges and experiences of businesses like yours



We work with innovative businesses of all sectors, shapes and sizes.

For all of the challenges, struggles and pitfalls that these businesses face, the most common issue that we see is the lack of a structured process to follow.

So that's what we've created: an end-to-end innovation process, distilled into 16 bite-sized chunks. 

With customer needs and insight at the heart of everything.

16 stages that any innovation project can follow, from (1) setting up an agile team with the right ways of working, tools and techniques, to (16) creating your minimum viable product (MVP).

To simplify this, we’ve grouped these into 2 distinct phases: CREATE and DESIGN


Starting from scratch to creating a set of concept propositions and high level features, based on customer needs and validated by your target market.



Developing the proposition and features in more detail, with a pragmatic commercial business case and go-to-market plan. Culminating in a validated prototype, giving your business the confidence to move into the build phase.



Our challenge in 2019...

Our aim is to:

  • Improve the innovation processes of companies of all sizes and sectors; and

  • Develop PB with the help of fellow innovators

The PB app will be completely free during 2019 while we add features and functionality to improve it's usefulness - we've launched with our MVP version because we just wanted to get it out there.