Take a more structured approach to innovation, with customer insight at its core. Access interactive workshops, SME innovation expertise and customer validation.


Your Technical experts are probably fantastic at what they do, but maybe they don't know customers quite as well as they think they do?

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Assuming that you know your customers leads to failed innovation

“Through this process, we realise more than ever that we need to constantly challenge our internal assumptions about the customer, otherwise we risk getting it wrong.”

Alan Moore, CEO, thinkWhere

PB, Proposition Builder

Our agile end-to-end innovation process, built around the challenges and experiences of innovative SMEs

We work with innovative businesses of all sectors, shapes and sizes. For all of the challenges, struggles and pitfalls that they face, the most common issue that we see is the lack of a structured innovation process.

So that's what we've created…an end-to-end innovation process

•2 phases

•16 bite-sized chunks

With customer needs and insight at the heart of every step, giving you the confidence that you’re getting it right for customers

Innovation Insights

Too little, too late, or not at all

Most FinTech, Digital or Energy SMEs involve customers either through focus groups (too little), or user testing just before launch (too late). Or not at all

Your team may well be "experts" in your field, but are you making assumptions about the true needs of customers?

If you get it wrong and customers don't need your product, they won't buy it. That’s a risk that you don’t have to take

 Be more agile. Place customers at the heart of your innovation process


Increase the chances of success - bring process and insight into innovation

Our innovative approach is workshop-based to involve your whole team (if you want),

and is driven by our expertise in SME proposition development.

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Days 1 & 2 - Initial Workshops

  • With your team, agree the target audience at a segmented level
  • Explore the true needs of customers
  • Identify your Value Proposition - what will make your product different from the competition? Why should they buy it?
  • Develop and mock-up initial proposition concepts

Insight phase

  • Create test stimulus and agree key questions
  • Develop the survey structure or discussion guide
  • Identify the best way to reach the target audience
  • Conduct the survey or in-depth interviews
  • Collate and analyse the results



Day 3 - Debrief Workshop

  • Present the results and analysis to your team
  • Agree key takeaways 
  • Create a Proposition Roadmap (short and medium term development strategy)
  • Allocate ownership to actions and confirm next steps


A typical project is completed within 3-4 weeks, providing you with a clear understanding of.......



Your customers' Needs, Challenges, Behaviours & Attitudes

A Value Proposition for your new product

A set of assumptions that have been validated by customers



In terms of tangible outcomes......

  • Presentation pack, capturing the output of the project
  • Proposition development roadmap
  • Plan of action for the team
  • Cross-team engagement and buy-in
  • Confidence that you will get it right for customers first time