A Commercial Validation Sprint to improve your changes of securing a SMART grant

Thousands of UK companies apply for an Innovate UK’s SMART programme each year, with the majority of applications failing.

One of the most common reasons for failure is a lack of compelling commercial validation.

Innovative products can be technically excellent, but without a compelling commercial case, the proposal will fail.

To succeed, as well as technical excellence, the assessors need evidence that the business has:


(a) identified a strong market opportunity, that

(b) needs and wants the proposed the product enough to pay for it, and that

(c) their proposition delivers a true value to the purchaser.


Successful SMART Grant applications

Prop B can support your business with a 6-week program to validate the commercial feasibility of your Innovation…


Internal Validation

In an Agile workshop environment, Prop B will help your team challenge the assumptions they’ve made internally about potential customers


External Validation

As an independent 3rd party, Prop B will then validate your proposition with real customers, providing you with an Insight Report


Application Support

Finally, Prop B will assist you in completing the application

Prop B can also help you secure separate funding for this valuable phase of work, on a No success, No fee basis

To find out more, please email carey@propositionb.com