Tap into the same level of innovation support as Corporate companies

Our corporate clients understand the value of a structured innovation process, when developing new products and services. Uncovering key factors such as…

  • Your Target Market

  • Customer Needs and Challenges

  • Identifying your Value Proposition

Too many new businesses fail because they get these wrong.

Don’t be one of them.

Stress-test your own assumptions

A common pitfall for companies of all sizes, is developing new products and services based on their own internal assumptions. This is often the case with Start Ups who have been given the thumbs up by friends and family, but who haven’t really tested their proposition with real customers, to any significant scale.

Validation Sprint


Initial Meeting

An initial meeting to:

  • Identify the Value Proposition for your target market

  • Articulate the high-level concept proposition for testing

  • Identify the assumptions you’ve made about the customer that need to be validated

  • Scope concept testing


Concept Testing


  • An online survey for up to 150 targeted buyers or users; or

  • 3 in-depth interviews of B2B buyers

Clients can access our PB Tools and Templates to help script the testing and create visual Adcepts.

  • Prop B will be at the end of the phone throughout this process


Insight Debrief

A final meeting to:

  • Review the customer feedback

  • Agree iterations and actions


A typical project is completed within 4/5 weeks, or quicker if required. Providing you with a clear understanding of.......

  • Your customers' Needs, Challenges, Behaviours & Attitudes

  • The Value Proposition of your proposition

  • A set of internal assumptions that have been validated by customers

  • Confidence that you’re targeting the right target market with the right proposition

Tangible outcomes......

  • Evidence for potential investors & trade customers

  • Insight pack

  • Plan of action


£2,500 (Excl. VAT)

This fee is substantially less than our standard proposition development project fee. We’re able to offer this price by encouraging the client to do most of the ‘heavy lifting’ and by streamlining full-day workshops into 2-3 hour meetings.

At the same time, we will support and advise you throughout the process, and give you access to our PB tools and templates.

To find out more or discuss how we can help, please call or email.