Over the past 3 years we’ve led over 70 innovation sprints with customer insight at the heart of the process

We also bring 15 years of insight and innovation experience, working with Kantar Worldpanel, TNS, GfK and Market Gravity (Deloitte).

We know that customer insight and concept testing is a crucial part of the Innovation Process.

However, we’ve also discovered an insight gap….

  • Innovation companies don’t do insight

  • Insight companies don’t know much about innovation

So, we’ve created UK Innovation Survey - a new venture to disrupt the insight sector.



We explore the real needs driving customer behaviour, by talking to real customer. Thousands of them.

Why do we do this?

  • To help innovative companies improve their NPD process, by identifying and understanding the needs of their target audience

  • To give companies the confidence that they’re offering a true Value Proposition — in other words, why choose you?

This isn’t sales data, that only tells us what shoppers do - we find out why they do it