Taylors Food Group were looking to enter the Healthy Snack market, but wanted to do so with the confidence that they knew their target audience and position themselves accordingly.


It’s easy to create excitement about a potential new launch internally in the office but we wanted to identify what exactly it was consumers were looking for in a healthy snack. Prop B helped us establish exactly what our target audience were looking for and the key selling points that were most important to them in a healthy snack.”

“This ultimately allowed us to narrow down our options and focus on an air popped snack which had a high % of whole, fresh vegetables which delivered on taste as well as strong nutrionals. Wholesums was born and we were able to successfully use the findings from the consumer study to sell in the concept to our customer base.”

James Taylor, Commercial Director

Giving the team the confidence to move forward


Through the Prop B process of interactive team workshops and a robust online customer survey, Taylors Food Group were able to build a solid proposition around knowing what matters most to their target market, both in relation to healthy snacks and to the product concepts presented to them…

An extensive survey to 1,500 of their target customers gave the team a thorough insight into their buying behaviours, and more importantly, their attitude towards snacking, and healthy snacks in particular.

The team also uncovered some of the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Finally, Taylors Food Group made their branding decisions based on the views of real customers, rather than their own personal tastes & opinions.


So, what was the outcome?

After a bit of fine tuning, based on the customer insight, Wholesums was launched to the world in September 2018 at the Lunch Conference in London.

Since then, Wholesums has secured listings in selected Sainsbury’s Local stores, and can now be purchased on LNER trains.


In summary, working with Prop B provided the Wholesums team with:

  1. A clear understanding of their target audience and their lifestyle food and drink choices

  2. A  more specific indication of peoples attitude towards their proposed products and brand proposition

  3. A differentiating and convincing trade arguments for retailers

  4. Increased confidence to invest in the development and launch of a product that has been validated by consumers